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About the Evenhood Card


Jonathan Phelan founded Evenhood five years ago to help workplaces, universities and schools improve the support they offer for wellbeing.

Jonathan highlights two simple ingredients that help organisational wellbeing. The first is to provide an environment that each individual feels comfortable in. The second is to treat everyone with a sense of evenhood.

Living in evenhood offers the same sort of togetherness that we get from living in a nice neighbourhood, or living in close brotherhood or sisterhood with others. In the case of evenhood, the sense of togetherness is that we are all equally entitled to be ourselves.

In a culture of evenhood everyone is valued for who they are, they are treated with humanity, respect, kindness and compassion.

The more that Jonathan worked with organisations, the more it became clear that this culture of evenhood has benefits far beyond organisational wellbeing. In a culture of evenhood we also respect diversity, we include others and we value the contributions of different people. Indeed, in evenhood we crave the contributions of people who may be different, because diversity of input enhances the quality of output as well as the satisfaction of those involved.

From this concept grew the idea of sharing an Evenhood Card - to promote a culture of evenhood and demonstrate the values that go with it.