Evenhood Card
for wellbeing & resilience
say you care AND know how to

Evenhood is more than just the name of an organisation.  Evenhood is about how we live our lives together.  When we live in Evenhood, we care for each other as equals; we offer support; we listen with a non-judgemental ear and we allow others to be themselves.

We often think that we cannot offer support for wellbeing; because only a medically trained expert can help with something as complex as the workings of the mind.


However, wellbeing isn't just affected by what happens in our mind; it's also affected by what happens around us.  You are an expert in what happens around other people.  And they are experts in what happens around you. The situations and environments that you create for each other all impact wellbeing.

The Evenhood Card says that you care for someone else's wellbeing.  It also shows you how to care by inviting a mentally healthy conversation. This is where we talk about those environments that are challenging, so that we can help each other avoid them or minimise our experience of them.  It is where we talk about those environments that are supportive of our wellbeing, so we can help each other experience those positive environments more.  And it is where we talk about our skills, talents & abilities, so we can help others to live a purposeful life by using their skills to the fullest extent.

Give an Evenhood Card to say you care AND know how to.