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I Feel Absorbed

I Feel Absorbed.jpg

An image kickstarts a brain reaction.
First a feeling takes form. An unkind sense
Prompted by now forgotten memories.


I feel absorbed. Blind to the world beyond.
Consumed. Ensnared. Imprisoned by this toil.
Unable to escape, I know nothing
Outside the brutal edges of my cage.


Then. A choice. My choice. To feel it afresh.
My mindful will embraces kinder thoughts,
Replacing old learnings and taking charge
Of how I feel this. An image. Reframed.


I feel absorbed. Undisturbed by all else.
Bathed in the beauty of this warm embrace.
Consuming every perspective with joy.
My delight of oneness and of sheer peace.
Entranced and enhanced by my sole focus.


I chose how to feel it. My choice. Made well.

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