SQimages is for fun and for wellbeing - mine and yours. If you get a little bit of pleasure out of looking at some lovely images and I get pleasure from creating them, then it's win-win for both of us. There's no commerce involved. If you like a photo and would like me to send you an e-copy for you to use or print, just get in touch through the Contact page. Let me know the number of the SQimage you like - you can find it by hovering over the image.

Separately I run Evenhood which supports wellbeing & resilience. You can find us at www.evenhood.org if you want to know more. Evenhood's approach to wellbeing is different. It's less about 'fixing your mind' and more about 'fixing your daily environment'. Quite simply, I believe that you can thrive in the right environment. So; when you don't feel great you shouldn't think that the problem is to do with the way your mind works - the problem might have more to do with the environment that you live in and the situations you face each day. If that belief sparks a connection in you, then perhaps you just need to find out what your preferred environment is and then make sure you get it by asking others to help you have what you need.

Evenhood makes 'Evenhood Cards' to help people have supportive conversations about their mental wellbeing. You can pick any image you like for your Evenhood Card and I'll post one out to you. If you like the sound of an Evenhood Card you can head to Evenhood's Wellbeing Shop to find out more.